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03.Building Security

The age of the standard lock and key is over for business security services. Criminals' practices have advanced, therefore, your operation’s security needs to upgrade in order to ensure safe practices.

Unfortunately, the days of locks, keys, and standard surveillance are long in the past. In order to remain physically secure in the modern age, advanced security measures are required.

At New Era Networks, we specialize in helping our clients improve their building security through high-quality security products from only the best brands in our industry.

Some of the biggest dangers of poor building security we help solve are:

What Are the Dangers of Poor Building Security?

Lacking building security doesn’t just put your products and data at risk. Poor security leads to a domino effect of bad situations that could quickly overwhelm your business and close its doors for good. Whether your business is large or a start-up, it’s essential that your building has effective security on its grounds. New Era Networks is dedicated to helping our customers maintain their reputation and ensure that their crucial assets are protected at all times. Trust us to be your partner against crime in the modern age.

Our Services

New Era Networks offers our clients the best in building security options. We are always on top of the latest advancements that help keep trouble out and business assets safe.

Advanced Video Surveillance Installation

Our CCTV installation services bring top-tier 4k surveillance equipment to any client’s property. We have established relationships with the greatest brands in the security industry and are prepared to install advanced video surveillance with the following capabilities:

  • Remote 24/7 surveillance
  • Quality monitoring of any area of a property
  • Recording capabilities
  • HD video quality

Our installation team will come out to your site, review its layout and ensure that your new surveillance equipment is installed in all discreet and appropriate areas of your business.

Access Control Installation

The days of successful lock and key security are far behind us. If your business still relies on these antiquated security practices, your employees, data, and inventory are all at risk. Access control creates a fuller sense of security by putting the accessibility of your building completely in your hands. Our programmable systems make access to your building as personal as a programmed pin or assigned access card. Not only can access control users keep track of who should be in a building, but also when. Access control is a completely customizable way to secure any entry point of your building while saving you money on expensive lost key and lock replacements.

Secure Your Business Physically and Digitally With New Era Networks

New Era Networks is a local company that specializes in keeping businesses in the modern age safe. From physical building security to advanced IT and technology security solutions, we are your business’s leading partner against most threats that put its success in jeopardy. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your free consultation with a member of our team.