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04.Network Infrastructure

At New Era Networks, our goal is to provide seamless solutions that help connect users and devices to essential networks when they need to.

New Era Networks provides Smart Building Solutions cabling systems for Building Automation, loT, and PoE, our premier copper and fiber structured cabling solutions, provide the combination of power and high-bandwidth data connectivity and the flexibility to support advanced capabilities as you move to the ceiling.

To keep you ahead, we offer Application Assurance, a guarantee that specifications and performance will adapt and support your migration to higher-speed applications. This is also complemented by an infrastructure management solution, providing visibility into the physical network. With our Structured Cabling Solutions as your foundation, your network is ready to meet today’s demand and evolve to meet tomorrow’s.

Ready for today’s demand, and tomorrow’s

The accelerating change brought on by disruptive trends such as cloud computing, internet of things (IoT) and network convergence will require building and campus networks to support greater speed, bandwidth, power and future flexibility. Born of innovation and backed by the strength and vision of a global leader, CommScope, SYSTIMAX’s copper and fiber portfolio delivers, as it has for over 30 years.

Enable Full Convergence

  • End-to-end copper and fiber solutions
  • Bandwidth, headroom, simplicity, and design flexibility
  • Utility-grade to seamlessly bridge IT and operations technology
  • Engineered for performance in mission-critical environments

Deliver Verifiable business value

  • Tailored business solutions
  • Lifecycle service from planning to operation
  • 25-Year Extended Product Warranty for onsite support and peace of mind
  • Independently verified performance, UL, ETL certification

How Do Our Network Infrastructure Services Help Your Organization?

Network infrastructure solutions from New Era Networks bring a variety of benefits that directly influence your organization’s success.

Maximized Productivity

Downtime is nothing any business can afford. An excellent network infrastructure speeds up network accessibility and allows for improved collaboration, remote working capabilities, and custom security solutions that keep your network running smoothly.

Premier Consulting and Maintenance

At New Era Networks, we pride ourselves in our consulting capabilities that help our clients build a network infrastructure that meets their needs.

However, even a well-planned infrastructure can experience a performance issue every now and then. Fortunately, with New Era Networks on your side, our team is always prepared to provide our customers with excellent customer service and effective maintenance.

New Era Networks Helps Build Your Ideal Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is the backbone of your organization’s digital communications capabilities. If you plan on building your network from the ground up, let the experts of New Era Networks ensure that your network infrastructure is crafted to perfection. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with our organization to improve the quality of your network infrastructure.